High Groundwater, Septic Systems, and Flooded Basements

High Groundwater, Septic Systems, and Flooded Basements

Ponding groundwater that can affect septic systems, foundations, and gardens

Water issues always seem to creep up in the spring. Literally. Without the warm rays of the sun and water uptake from vegetation a much higher percentage of precipitation makes it to the ground water. The water can only move so fast through the restrictive soil so it continues to build up. Higher groundwater means the soil above has less capacity to soak up any rain water or snow melt (like a half wet sponge). Now the conditions are right for water intrusion into your basement, or septic system. It only takes a couple of rain events to completely saturate the soil.

Once the soil is saturated the rain water has nowhere to go so we get higher sheet flow across the landscaping. This is why it is so important to have proper grading and drainage. We get swamped (pun intended) with calls in the spring regarding wet basements, backed up leach fields, water in basement, etc. The solutions to most of the issues are as simple as installing gutter leaders away from the foundation. Maybe do some grading work to move sheet flow around foundations. Some fixes require more complex solutions. Such as routing the water into a pump basin and pumping it up into a retention pond or rain garden. There is always a solution.

We’ve been hearing about climate change and sea level rise for a while now. As sea levels rise so do the water tables on coastal properties, that’s common sense. How about those of us who live inland, are our water tables rising?  You would think so if the past few years are any indication. Colder wetter springs, heavier rain storms, permanent or temporary, is anyone’s guess. Bottom line is as long as Evapotranspiration isn’t happening the water is in the ground and looking for the path of least resistance.

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