The Big Septic System Surprise

The Big Septic System Surprise

Man kneeling down and inspecting a septic system.

As we are sure you may already know, anytime a home is sold, there needs to be a thorough inspection of the building, electrical systems, and of the septic system. This is an important inspection for a property to pass. In general, lenders will not approve a mortgage on a property that has a failed system unless there are provisions to fix it. Here at Grenco, we get so many calls from Realtors and homeowners who have just had their septic system failed by an inspector. These failures are usually either  hydrological, or a cesspool exists on the property.

Finding out about a system failure a week before the closing is very stressful for seller and buyer alike. In addition to the disappointment felt by a buyer who may have their heart set on a certain home, the concern that seller’s have that they may never be able to sell the house is a very real one.

Most homeowners will say they have never had an issue with their system, but when that inspection report comes back and issues are noted, we have some advice:

If you had a new system installed 25-30 years ago when cesspools were allowed to stay in place, we think the best thing to do is to have the inspection done prior to putting the home on the market. This was you avoid any surprises.

If a new septic is needed and you can afford to install one, that’s a good selling point, as a new septic system can make a house more attractive to a buyer. If a new septic is needed but you don’t have the money than sell the property with a septic credit.

The most important thing that we can advise:

DON’T try to hide the problem or pass it on to the buyer. Most inspectors can tell.

Grenco is available to guide you if your septic system fails inspection and if a new one is called for, we can install it. Call us (401)295-9119 or email