Septic System Additives: Do They Really Work?

Septic System Additives: Do They Really Work?

Bacteria additives in your septic system may not work as well as advertised in your septic system and Grenco gives you their opinion on these products.

We’ve all seen the ads on TV or read them in magazines: Use Rid-X (or other brand of additive) to add bacteria and enzymes to your septic system. You might be tempted to try it.

Maybe you already have. The evidence that these types of products deliver what they promise is not very conclusive and we can hear you asking: Do these additives really work?

In a nutshell….NO. In our opinion, we think it might be better to save your money for other septic maintenance and quite (literally) you’d be flushing money down the toilet anyway!

These companies can use words and claims that make people think that by using these products they can avoid the trouble and expense of pumping or other basic septic maintenance. This assumption is wrong! There is no product that will help get rid of sludge, only removal by a vacuum truck!

The waste that is flushed into a septic systems contains millions and millions of bacteria that thrive in the environment that is a properly working system. While the packaging may promise to add bacteria for a ‘good balance’, the truth is, there is new bacteria added each time you flush.

The best way to keep your system in good working order is to not avoid maintenance and to be vigilant in making sure that nothing goes into the system that shouldn’t (feminine hygiene products, oils and grease, paper towels, food scraps, etc..).  Also, be mindful that you are not using excessive amounts of bleach or other cleaning products that kill the bacteria in the system.

The good news is that if you have used additives, you probably didn’t do any harm to your system, but we cannot reiterate enough that you don’t need these types of products to have your septic system in good working order. Save your money and know that each time you and your family go, you are adding some ‘free’ bacteria to your system.

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